A Breakthrough in Anti-Aging Science?


A new technology, a new kind of clinical trial

We’ve been testing different supplements, trying different diets and exercise programs.

We’ve been guessing what works, based on animal tests and a bit of biochemistry. We’ve had to guess because we have no human data. Lifespan trials in humans take decades and cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

That’s what has changed. There is now a blood test based on DNA methylation* that measures biological age, predicting vulnerability to age-related disease even better than a person’s actual, chronological age. It works well enough that we should be able to measure the benefits of an anti-aging program over a period of two years.

For the first time, we can test multiple supplements simultaneously. This is important, because much of what we do is redundant. Many diet regimes and supplements work on a few biochemical pathways. The pathways become saturated, and the result is that we’re adding the same three years to our life expectancy, over and over again.

Synergy is when two different supplements combine to produce a bigger benefit than the sum of their separate effects. Synergy is what we’re looking for. The DataBETA program is designed to find the rare combinations that work together to produce a big anti-aging benefit.


3-minute Video


*Methylation = chemical markers that the cell hangs on the DNA to signal which genes are turned on and which are turned off. It is clear that methylation is currently the best measure of biological age, and some researchers believe that epigenetic expression, as typified by methylation, is at the root of age-related degeneration.